The Main Reason You Want to Take Summer Classes

It’s probably safe to assume that  you would much rather be in a peaceful, tropical paradise than  in a virtual or in-person classroom. Most likely, the main / only reason you would want to take summer classes would be to finish off those general courses now so that you can more easily  focus on your major courses when you return for Fall Semester.  

Ofcourse, this decision may be  dependent on what your specific major requires. Regardless of your major, we believe that  it would be extremely beneficial to take care of any prerequisites over the summer in the interest of time. Getting these classes over with now  gives you the opportunity to get a head start so that you can ideally take  your major courses in the Fall (instead of Spring) Semester. Already getting tired just thinking about school in the Summer? Well, just think of all the extra time you’d save yourself for much needed sleep during the Fall!

By the Spring Semester of my sophomore year, I was able to begin taking my major courses, and I was one of few sophomores in an all junior and senior class. Because I only had to take major classes, I had a mere three classes per semester. In fact, because I had so few classes, I actually had to take some elective classes in order to fulfill the minimum  course hours required to be considered a student. By senior year, I only had one class and my internship.

I designed a well-thought-out and strategic academic plan to relieve the extra stress that I didn’t want or need. If you’re looking to do something similar, I recommend looking ahead at your personal academic course roadmap. That way, you can see what you might be able to  knock out through summer classes. Furthermore, if you plan to attend a community college for your summer courses, this will also give you the opportunity to ensure that they’re transferrable. If your endgame is to graduate early, then more power to you! No worries if you want to take the summer to relax instead. Whatever you decide to do with your summer, just be healthy and stay safe out there! 

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