No Spring Break but That’s Okay

Spring break is the one event that truly gets people excited about spring semester but with COVID-19 completely destroying those plans, it puts people into a weird spot in what they want to do and that’s totally okay! 

Students were away for spring break 2020 when the pandemic hit U.S. shores, so they were highly encouraged to go back home or be quarantined for 14-days before coming back on campus. It was chaotic.

For spring break 2021, most colleges have cancelled spring break and encourage students to stay in the area. Coming back to campus from traveling will require students to be in self isolation for 14-days. Refer to your school’s plan for spring break.

If possible, use the time to find ways to get vaccinated for COVID-19 in your area. In Arizona, people can get vaccinated after doing volunteer work.

While spring break may not be in the cards this year, we can certainly accelerate the process of bringing it back by doing our part to stop the spread of this deadly disease by wearing masks, being socially distant, and getting vaccinated.

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