Recapping DRM’s 2020

Here we are at the end of the line. 2020 was most certainly a year for the history books, and I think I can safely speak for us all when I say that we could not be happier to put this dumpster fire of a year in our collective rearview mirror. While 2020 was an extremely challenging year (to say the least), we don’t need to remind you of  all the pitfalls that came along with this pandemic. Instead of dwelling, what we really need is to deal and to heal so we can look forward to a brighter 2021 with clear eyes. 

In 2020, Dorm Room Movers faced enormous mountains to climb. Yet, no matter how steep the ascent may have been,  we were able to scale those peaks successfully. Here’s a brief recap of DRM’s year in 2020, including a sneak peek at some of our intentions going into 2021.

COVID-19 strikes, spreading the virus and stress across schools nationwide

Picture it: Let’s travel back to a moment in time together. It’s March 2020, and Dorm Room Movers is in the midst of preparing for the Spring Semester 2020 move out.  COVID-19 strikes, hitting campuses extremely hard, forcing universities to move their classes online and issue emergency move outs for students living in the residence halls on campus.

This is a complete game changer. Now, it’s a race against time to get our students moved out quickly and more importantly, safely. Luckily, we’re a company that thrives on innovation, and so – we adapt. Dorm Room Movers switches gears and scrambles to get operations and logistics timelines moved up to swiftly serve the needs of campuses nationwide. This all is done while simultaneously training and implementing new health and safety protocols as well as app tools.

It was the true definition of job training on the fly. 

After the initial COVID-19 shock, a clearer path emerges

Both DRM and the campuses that we serve learned a great deal after Spring Semester 2020 concluded. We used the data gathered by our experience to properly prepare ourselves for  an optimal Fall Semester 2020. As a result, our fall semester deliveries were extremely smooth sailing.

To 2021, which will hopefully be the year of the post pandemic

In 2021, we will look to emulate and ideally surpass the success of  Fall Semester 2020 in terms of operating on campuses. DRM will continue to track COVID-19 diligently, work closely with universities, and refine our app and logistic tools. DRM definitely misses the vibrancy of college campuses, so here’s our New Years Cheer – to hoping for a pandemic free world in 2021!

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