Deck the halls with finals

December is here, which means two things – finals and winter break! We could talk about the top tips to help you survive finals week (well, maybe just a few here and there), but we figured your brain could use as much minimalism as possible. So, let’s just sit back, relax and reflect on your first semester in college.

Finals week will most certainly test your mettle, but remember that you’ve been “training” for this moment all semester long. We hope that by this point you’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your study methods, but nevertheless- here’s our one and only piece of advice for the final leg of this semester.

Finals week will be a marathon for your brain. In order to stay optimal, it’s critically important to remain disciplined. Remember, you’re paying for these classes. The number of tests you’ll be taking will be dependent on your course load and how those tests will be scheduled will be different for each person. To help you prioritize this extremely long week of testing, it’s vital for you to stick to a strict study schedule and regimen that includes rest and eating.

Please do not fall prey to all nighters. They do not help retain information at all. Instead, dedicate and carve out time blocks for studying. For example, if you’re taking between 4-6 courses, then split a week of studying up into two courses a day  – four hours each – with food and naps in-between. Sleep will efficiently store the information in your head.

As aforementioned, we wanted to keep it short with the tips, especially since you had fall semester to keep you on your toes. Was your first semester in college everything you thought it could / would be? Did your expectations change over the course of the semester? What did you learn?

I certainly learned that college is a good space to create or put yourself in a situation that will enable you to  grab opportunities. Stay open minded, listen, and always have the need to learn new things(even if it’s outside your scope). That’s all for this week. Best wishes on your finals! We believe in you. 

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