Relax, study, or do both over Thanksgiving? The answer really boils down to what your priorities are. After a seemingly long semester, coming home to a home cooked meal can provide that extra jolt you need to end the semester strong.Or, it could help you keep up the momentum you have built up over the semester to finish strong and then relax over winter break. For those still on the fence, here are a couple of experiences we’d like to share to help you decide.

I lived in the dorm for Five  years – two years as a student and three  as a Resident Assistant. When I was a student, I went home for Thanksgiving to just relax. I glossed over a few of my notes to get my ducks in a row, but did not put hard hours into studying. I used the time to just sit back, relax and catch up with friends.

During my 2nd year as a student, my roommate would go home for Thanksgiving and then come right back to campus to resume his studying.

When I became a Resident Assistant, I volunteered to stay in the residence halls over Thanksgiving and used the time I had to lightly study and to keep my mind going. I personally saw an improvement in knowledge retention and test scores.

The beauty about Thanksgiving on campus is how quiet it can be. In my years as an RA, I saw  students relax in what we called at my alma mater, “The Mall,” which was a large patch of greenery that cut straight through the heart of campus.

We hope you feel a bit more at ease on what you want to do for Thanksgiving! The semester is nearly as its end after this weekend, so best wishes to all! Happy Holidays!

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