Scary stories to rock your halloween

Happy Halloween! To celebrate the occasion, we dive into spine tingling, hair raising, goosebump educing spooky stories to set the tone.

Below are a couple of stories from Reddit, so grab a hot drink, popcorn, and blanket (Halloween costume optional) and time to get scared!

Case of the missing plane

From kind-of-there:

Ben Padilla. In 2003 him and a mechanic climbed into a Boeing 727 that was collecting dust at an Angolan airport, taxied silently to the runway, and took off. No trace of the plane or the men has ever been found.

Response from fakedaisies to kind-of-there’s post:

Ben’s family has done what they can to keep his case alive. Seems the prevailing theory now is that he didn’t know what he was getting into, and may have been forced to pilot the plane by the person who was with him. 

I think Ben is likely dead, because after he flew the plane to wherever he was ordered to, he was a liability. The biggest question now is, who wanted the plane, and where is it now?

This is a great longform article about the case:

A knock on the door

yourmotherfigure posted a link on the thread about the story of Anthonette Cayedito:

9 year old Anthonette Cayedito was abducted from her home when she opened the door from a knock. A year later after her abduction, local police received a frantic call from a girl. Line was disconnected before a trace could be established. A year later, a girl resembling Anthonette, was with an older couple. The girl kept trying to get the attention of the waitress. When they left, there was a note under the plate that said, “Help me! Call the police.” Girl from the restaurant was never confirmed and Anthonette remains to be missing.

Dog sitting

From infinitespacegoat:

Last year I was dog-sitting for my parents while they were on holiday. They live in a very rural countryside village, in an old barn conversion and I hate staying there by myself.

So about 10 days into house-sitting, I woke up at 4am, and could hear something downstairs. Thinking I had somehow gone to bed and left the tv on, I went down to the lounge, but the TV was off. Very confused at this point, I wandered into the hall looking for the source of the sound. Both the dogs were sat very alertly outside the office door. Then I saw that light was coming from behind the office door.

I have absolutely no explanation for what happened that night. The computer in the office is my brothers, and he had been sailing in Europe for two months at this point, and his computer was always password protected.

However on this night, the computer was on, unlocked, and the noise I could hear was a YouTube video about Soviet experiments of dog head transplants.

I worked from home the next day as I was so scared I’d come home to find my dogs heads had been switched…

The pick up truck

From pdxryan07:

When I was a senior in High School a bunch of my friends and I used to drive into the the hills to drink and get away from our parents. I was the DD one night and drove back 4 of my friends. Two of the girls were really drunk and started puking so we pulled over in a park. Both of the girls started puking outside my car doors and then this pickup rolled up behind us and had its high beams on us.

I thought it was the cops and was just waiting for them to bust us but the person in the car just stayed there. Eventually we closed the doors and drove away. The pickup followed us. I started driving faster and through a neighborhood I knew really well, taking every turn and starting to speed up, but the pickup kept following us. Eventually my friends needed to puke again and we pulled over. The pickup stopped behind us and again just kept its lights on us. I looked through my rear-view mirror and saw an older white guy with a beard. He started reaching for something in his glove

compartment. At that point, I freaked out told my friends to pull my other friends in the car and floored it. We took a couple turns and lost the guy. We stayed in a driveway of a random person for like 15 minutes and then decided it was safe. We turned back onto the main street and……..THE PICKUP TRUCK WAS WAITING FOR US!!

I drove as fast as I could down the main street and the pickup kept following us. Eventually at the bottom of a hill there was a massive accident and a bunch of police cars and fire trucks. I started to slow down like I was going to pull over towards the police. The pickup overtook us, ran a red light in front of the cops, and I never saw him again.

I have no idea who that guy was or what he wanted but it was terrifying.

Have a great and safe Halloween!

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