Mid-semester check-in

Wow, how time flies! We are just a little over the halfway mark for fall semester 2019. How are you feeling?  We imagine you have covered the entire emotional spectrum up to this point – and you know what? We can sympathize. Furthermore, we can hopefully advise. We have a few practical tips to get you through the hump and stay mentally strong for finals.


– Plans to study-

*Checks IG*

*Fires up Netflix*

*Checks IG again*

– 10 hours later –

No studying has been done.

When you have social media being constantly thrown at your face, it’s difficult to stay on task. Try the 5 minute rule that has helped us stay on task. While 5 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time,  you’d be surprised just how much you can get done. The concept is simple – create a task list and accomplish them in 5 minutes. If it’s a larger task, break it down into smaller chunks that you can finish within the 5 minute timeframe. These mini accomplishments will begin to accumulate, and the satisfaction that comes from completing your tasks will become  almost addicting. This will ultimately result in making you feel like you can do even more.


As the saying goes, it’s important to “stop and smell the roses.” We have a habit of pushing ourselves extremely hard, and oftentimes we tend to forget our own health. It’s time to smell the roses when:

  • You’re on the umpteenth hour of studying, but retaining none of the information. Stop. Take a nap, walk, head to a quiet place, talk to friends. Let your brain rest  so it can properly store the information.
  • You’re eating your 10th Ramen of the day. We get it. It’s cheap, easy to make, and a college staple – but it does nothing good for your body. Eat fruits and vegetables. Your body will thank you for it.
  • You’re falling asleep at your desk (or anywhere, really). Get some rest. It’s as simple as that. The more you deprive your body of sleep, the less your mind can function

No matter how seemingly tough it gets, we know that you’ll get through it. You’ll look back in hindsight and say, “Such a cake walk.” Experience is the best teacher in life, so whatever you do, go at it 100%. Stay strong and finish out the semester solid.

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