College Orientation – What to expect

Congratulations, student! You’ve been accepted into the college and now you await your orientation. Here’s what you should expect.


At the time of your acceptance letter, you should be receiving information about the campus either though email or mail. Read them all, as well ad do additional research about the details of freshmen orientation. Bring any documentation or paperwork that you will need, birth certificate, social security, etc.

At Orientation

Each campus does it differently but you’ll be given a tour of the college you’ll be attending, sometimes you’ll have a separate orientation for your major. You’ll learn about school policies, general rules, school history, etc. It will be overwhelming since you’ll be completely enamored by being in a new setting.

Orientation will also provide information school organizations, clubs, and greek life. You will be able to speak to a representative in any clubs you may be interested in. This is a good way to get involved in campus life and to make friends!

Making Friends

Most of orientation will be spent listening to representatives or your orientation leader but there will be moments to speak to students like you, especially if it’s a group orientation. You and the other student are in the same boat, sharing the same feelings of excitement and nervousness about the whole college experience. Do not be afraid to reach out to say hi because making connections is what college is all about.

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