2019 with dorm room movers

Goodbye 2018 and hello 2019! We had an incredible 2018 and here’s what you can look forward to from Dorm Room Movers in 2019. We can’t spill the whole can of beans (because surprises are awesome) but we can let you in on a few tidbits!

Growing the team

Dorm Room Movers gained a wonderful new addition to the team, our new Director of Operations, Jason Forman. Jason’s background in the moving industry has added a wealth of knowledge to our logistics team. He has helped to further cultivate our close relationships with our moving partners across the nation and has added insight into helping better train and manage our extensive network.

The insider knowledge has greatly helped to add efficiencies to our moving teams and the end result is making your lives easier during the stressful move out/in process. He looks to continue to build off of a successful 2018 season and is looking to make 2019 even better for all of our customers!

Teamwork makes the dream work

Did you know Dorm Room Movers services prep & boarding schools? We are the official storage provider at over 25 prep schools from Brewster Academy to Miss Hall’s School. Dorm Room Movers’ direct relationship with schools provides us with tremendous insight to our logistics and planning, making your moving experience seamless.

Dorm Room Movers had an incredible 2018 with boarding schools and we are looking to continue that growth in 2019, so be on on the lookout for Dorm Room Movers at your nearest prep school!

2019 is calling for us

Where do we go in 2019? Well, we’re going mobile. Dorm Room Movers is creating a mobile-friendly version of the Dorm Room Movers website so that you can book your move on the go. It’ll be robust and extremely helpful as you go through the registration process. We’ll have an official announcement once development is finished.

As previously mentioned, our next exciting adventure will be expanding to more prep and boarding schools across the United States. So, if you are a prep school looking for storage solutions, definitely reach out to us!

Well, that’s it for now. May you have a prosperous 2019! All the best from Dorm Room Movers! Cheers!

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