The Dont’s of college

Most articles out there will tell you a ton of stuff you need to do for college like get to know your professors, bond with your roommate and pack in advance, but what about what you shouldn’t do in college? Below are a few helpful tips on things to avoid this year…

  • Don’t skip classes– It may seem tempting at first, but it’s really easy to fall behind reading and notes in college classes. Also, keep in mind that a lot of professors do random attendance and you’ll get docked for missing class.
  • Don’t Cram– Sometimes it’s hard to focus on completing projects or studying for tests in advance, but waiting until the night before a huge exam to begin studying could result in a disasterous night…and a bad grade.
  • Don’t neglect hygene– The whole communal shower thing isn’t exactly ideal, however you gotta stay clean. Remember to do your routine from home and keep those teeth brushed, sheets cleaned and skin feeling fresh.
  • Don’t be afriad to say no– Sure it’s great to get involved on campus and meet new friends, but you shouldn’t feel obligated to participate or go to something that you’re not really feeling. Try to find that balance and if your body is telling you to chill this Friday night, then listen to it.

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