3 Apps for this semester

Other than your keys, what’s one thing you typically don’t leave the house without? The answer is most likely your cell phone. There are so many great apps out there forming each year to make our lives easier, especially when it comes to college. Check out our 3 suggested apps to download this semester…

Campus App– Many campuses are now forming their own Apps to help students navigate their way on that college campus. It’s not just about storing your schedule and accessing your grades (although this is a MAJOR bonus) but it’s also about having things like campus maps, on campus food information and many more things that will come in handy over the next four years. Check with your school’s website to see they have one!

Study buddy– Not sure if you’re being productive enough during your study sessions? Study Buddy will help you track just that, and even help you to improve your study habbits. It keeps track of your distractions and even gives you time management suggestions and feedback.

Refme– This app really takes the headache out of citations for projects, papers and more. It lets you simply scan a barcode on a book and it will automatically generate ciations for that book. You can also search by title, author or URL and it will work for journals , websites and more. The last thing you want to do after staying up all night to write a 10 page paper is is spend 5 minutes on each citation you used. Why not make things a bit easier on yourself?

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