Roomies Rule…Right?

You already have to worry about classes, books, being away from  home and moving somewhere completely new, so why add the stress about having a roommate in the mix? Check out the following 3 tips to make your new roommate situation a positive experience!
#1 Chat before move in

Did you meet your roommate online, at school or have you known them forever? Whatever the case may be, you will more than likely know who your new roommate is before the day of move in. Take the time to reach out and plan some stuff before you get to school. Maybe decide on a room theme or see what time they are moving in so that you can coordinate with them.

#2 Create Some Ground Rules

Whether you want to suggest a formal roommate contract or just verbally layout some important things to each of you, it’s good to get it all out on the floor before things potentially go wrong. It doesn’t have to be super formal, but try to tell your roommate(s) what is off limits or what your expectations for the year are. If they don’t match up with your new roomies ideals, you guys may need to get more in to the nitty gritty of it all.

#3 Actually Try

Remember, this is probably a learning process for the both of you. If this is your freshman year of college chances are that neither of you have experienced this process before. Things may be a little rocky at first, but put aside some valuable time to make the effort to get to know each other. Hopefully you’ll be able to get along or maybe even be friends. It is nice to be BFF with your roomie, but you don’t have to be. As long as you are both respectful and civil, things can go just as well.

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