Freshman Fitness

The idea of taking on endless amounts of studying and homework, mixed with swapping out mom’s homemade cooking for pizza delivery and poptarts may make you forget about your physical fitness and health for a little bit. College is a transition in all aspects of your life and you are constantly growing, so why not make a healthy change? If you had a fitness routine at home, keep up the work at your new school. If you weren’t active at home, now can be your chance to fix that. Below are 5 ways you can stay active at College…

Find a buddy If you meet a new friend who is looking to get fit,  make some workout meeting times with them. Having someone else that is on the same path as you will make you more motivated and you may even feel further obligated to stay on track and be committed.

Explore Campus- There are probably so many parts of your campus that you haven’t seen yet. Put on your shoes and take a jog or walk around to see everything.  Maybe you can find a few different paths you like and make it a weekly routine.

Check out the Gym- If your campus has a gym, take a look around and see what will fit with your style. Maybe they offer some free classes that you’ve been wanting to try. Now is the chance to take the opportunity and run with it. (See what we did there?)

Venture off campus- If you’re not looking to see your friends or classmates at the gym, then search for something more your speed off campus. There are probably tons of local gyms, specialized studios and hiking trails close to campus that will fit your needs.

Bike- Maybe you don’t have much time between studying and classes so you have to be active in the small down time you have. Expiriment with biking to your classes and see where that gets you. It will save you time and you’ll also be working out a little.

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