Honey, I’m home!

#1 Bring stuff from home

Just because you’re leaving home doesn’t mean you have to leave everything behind. Bring things like photos of family and friends, your favorite blanket from the couch or decorative items that remind you of your home.

# 2 Stock up on food

Go shopping and grab some snacks or options for meals. Having a full mini fridge or snack tote may make you feel like you can really start to live in your dorm and call it your own space

#3 Decorate with your roomie

If you aren’t used to sharing a room, this may be the time to start adjusting. Spend time and put effort in to decorating your room and putting your own personal touches on the design. This may make you feel more comfortable and like it really is your own space.

#4 Meet your neighbors

When living in a dorm, you’re bound to have tons of people around at all times. Go down the hall and meet everyone on your floor and introduce yourself to people on the other floors in your building. These people have the potential to be your best friends for years to come and getting close to them is a chance to have a family away from home.

#5 Spend time there

Your dorm can look as pretty as you want it to, but sometimes it just still doesn’t feel like home. Try spending some actual time in your room and give it a chance. Do the same things you would do at home and see how it goes. Once that Apple TV gets hooked up and the popcorn is popping, you’ll feel at home lounging in your bed in no time.

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