Get prepared for College

Summer is (sadly) flying by and school is coming up soon so it’s time to get prepared to go back to college, or get ready to attend for the very first time. Here are a few things to think about while you’re getting ready to go to school…

#1 List, list, list

Keep yourself on task with a list of things you need and another list of stuff you already have. This will allow you to stay focused and cross things off your “need” list as you go. Maybe keep the items you need in the notes on your phone so when you’re out and you see something you can make a note that you got it.  This goes for decor, school supplies, clothing and anything else you need to bring.

#2 Get organized

You don’t want to get to college on the first day and be the one who didn’t finish the reading assignment. Make sure you check out the syllabus for each class and take care of any assignments you need to get done before school starts. Maybe you already know what books you need to get. Check out ordering the books online before you get to campus for a price cut.

#3 Eyes on the prize

Did you sit down and think about what you want to accomplish this year? Whether it is a GPA, social, involvement or personal goal, write one (or a few) down. This will help you stay focused throughout the semester and make you feel like you’re working toward something. Feel free to also think about a small reward for yourself once you reach your goals!

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