DIY for your Dorm

There is tons of stuff you need before you go to college so why not take a day or two and craft some of it? Check out our top 5 DIY projects to make this month…

Distressed Mason Jars– Love being organized? Well, now is your chance to craft and get organized at the same time. You can use mason jars to hold pretty much anything, from school supplies to make up brushes. Give your room a vintage feel and customize the color paint to your room theme.

Faux Flower Monogram– If you aren’t super crafty, this could be the perfect DIY project for you. It still takes a bit of effort but it’s pretty abstract so you can do what you want with it. You can choose whatever color faux flowers you want and even buy a letter from the craft store if you don’t want to cut one out yourself.

Pineapple Lamp– Feeling like you need a funky twist on your room this year? Having a quirky pineapple lamp should do the trick. The project is fun and should be able to be finished in a few hours.

Frame Key Holder– You’ll never loose your keys again after this DIY project. Sometimes college can lead to a messy room, or messy roommate, so having a centralized place to hang your keys will prevent running around your dorm when youre 5 minutes late for class already.

Circle Cork Boards– Thinking about buying a cork board from the store? Think again. Make your space unique with colorful circle cork boards. You’ll still use them for their traditional use but they will have a bit more character than your average cork board.

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