Why you should be taking pictures this summer

You have all of these fun trips, parties and activities planned so why not document them? You snap pictures all school year and it’s the time Our top 3 reasons why you should be taking pictures this summer are…

#1 Making Memories- You’re living in the moment and that’s amazing but one day you may forget that day on the lake or music festival you took a chance on. Taking a picture when you’re doing something fun will be a lasting memory and you can look back on your college years and summer breaks when you’re older.

#2 Catching Up- If you’re not seeing some of your friends all summer, this is a great way to catch up with them when you’re back. Telling them the places you went and people you were with is cool, but showing them pictures will really give them more of a feel of what your summer was like.

#3 Artistic Abilities- So you probably only take your pictures to post on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. but you can definitely tap in to your artistic side. Maybe you want to get an amazing digital camera, or toy around with a fun polaroid. You can do so much with pictures using different lenses, paper and filters.

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