Celebrate National Iced Tea Day with a new recipe!

The temperatures are climbing and you could really go for a cold, refreshing, drink. It just so happens that tomorrow is National Iced Tea Day. What better way to celebrate than pouring yourself a glass to quench that thirst. Sometimes plain old iced tea can get boring so why not spice it up? Check out our 3 ways to switch up your iced tea.

#1 Fruit

Whether its pomegranate peach, citrus, or pineapple, don’t be afraid to add a little fresh fruit or juice to your tea. This addition will not only give it a summery taste , but also add a little colorful decoration to your presentation.

#2 Herbs

Introducing the flavor of an herb like basil, mint or thyme can be a fun way to change up the flavor of your tea. The herbs will give it a fresh taste and when you’re bored of one spice, you can move on to the next!

#3 Get Sweet

You’ve probably heard of sweet tea, or Southern sweet tea, but you may not order it too often. Take a chance and try making your own Southern sweet iced tea this year. You can still add herbs and fruit, but it’ll be a little sweeter than before.

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