moving safety tips

Moving yourself can theoretically cut costs, but it can also cause some body aches or injuries. Here are a few of our very best moving safety tips.

1. Make a Clear Plan- So you have a friend helping you, or you’re doing it all on your own? Either way you need to plan this out. The day, or a few days before, you should scope out a spot close to your residence for your moving truck. Check out the walkways, sidewalks and note where the stairs are. If you know its going to rain or your floor is particularly slippery, you may want to get a matt to help out with that.

2. Lift Properly- Lifting a box seems like common sense, but if you’re not careful it could really be painful on your back. The first instinct would be to simply bend over and lift the box but you want to do it the proper way. You should squat down, lifting with your whole lower body and that will ensure no back problems the next day!

3. Use some tools- If you have a pretty big load of boxes, don’t be afraid to rent or buy a dolly. You’ll be amazed at how much your back will thank you the next day. You can stack a few boxes up at a time on a dolly and that will cut your moving time down quite a bit.

4. Dress for the job- Be sure to wear the correct clothing needed when moving. Closed toed shoes are definitely needed on this kind of thing, so come prepared in sneakers or durable hiking boots. Also, be sure to wear things that won’t snag or get stuck on anything in the process.

5. Fuel yourself- It’s imperative you stay hydrated throughout the day because moving is a pretty draining task. You’ll be running around and lifting tons of stuff so you want to be fueled for the entire day!

Did this blog just convince you that maybe you’re not completely convinced on moving yourself after all?  Try looking in to some other options, like hourly movers, storage services or shipping your items instead.  If you’re interested in checking out some of those alternatives, you can visit our site here.

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