The Guide to College Student Discounts

Between tuition, books, food and all of the other stuff you buy on a daily basis, college can get super expensive. Thankfully, the world understands that students are paying a ton of money on the reg and some businesses even offer perks for students. Just flashing your student ID at some places can get you a discount making your purchase less expensive. Check out some of the places we found below…

  • Movie Theaters- Most movie theaters have student discounts for their showtimes. Even though sometimes it’s only a few bucks off, the savings can really add up. Some theater chains that offer this deal are AMC Theaters, Harkins Theaters & Cinemark. Check your nearest theater to see if they have any discounts!
  • Technology- Tons of the big names have special education pricing and can help you save hundreds of dollars on things like computers, tablets and accessories. Check out the student deals at Apple,  Microsoft and HP.
  •  Refer a Friend- After you register for services at Dorm Room Movers you’ll get a code that is completely unique to you. Our refer a friend program means that every time someone else enters your code in the coupon section when they register, you get $10 off of your total service, and so will they! The $10 discount can really add up if you get enough friends to enter your code. You can even announce the it to your fraternity, sorority or club on campus…the possibilities are endless. Also, keep in mind Amazon also has a pretty cool refer a friend program too!
  • Food Chains- What are you craving today?  Tons of places have student discounts on their whole menu, or even give you a free drink with purchase when you flash your student ID at them. Places that offer these deals are Chipotle, Qdoba, McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, Subway, Buffalo Wild Wings & Dairy Queen. Keep your eyes and ears open because there are so many others out there.
  • Retail: So this is obviously the most exciting section for most college girls. Places like J. Crew, Madewell, Steve Madden and Charlotte Russe all give a percentage off when you show your student ID in stores. Also check out Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and The Limited.

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