Coolest College Mascot Stories

School: Scottsdale Community College Mascot: Artie the Fighting Artichoke

The Story: SCC spent tons of money on their sports teams and supposedly ignored other necessities so when students got the chance to vote on a new mascot, they came up with “The Fighting Artichokes,” with pink and white as their school colors. Although the school’s administration rejected it for another mascot and color scheme, the students fought hard, eventually coming to a common ground with Artie and the colors gold and green.

School: Dartmouth College                Mascot: Keggy the Keg

The Story: Although Dartmouth is commonly called “The Big Green,” they once were referred to as “the Indians” which caused tons of controversy around the country for it’s racist undertone. Dartmouth doesn’t have an official mascot but students came up with “Keggy the Keg,” which was an attempt to lighten the mood of the controversy and have some fun. Keggy has been unofficially associated with the school ever since.

School: Stanford University                Mascot: The Stanford Tree

The Story: This is another situation in which the school’s teams were originally referred to by a derogatory name so they had to choose a neutral mascot, with the tree coming out on top as their unofficial mascot. The sports team is known as the Stanford Cardinal, referring to the color, however the tree is supposed to represent a tree shown on Stanford’s seal.

School: Syracuse University              Mascot: Otto the Orange

The Story: After being known as “The Saltine Warrior,” and being changed due to uproar of derogatory undertones, the school stuck with the color orange and was named Otto by one of the cheerleaders at the university. The mascot is furry and orange, with blue arms and legs. Interestingly enough, although Otto is round, he is not supposed to represent an Orange fruit, but rather – the color orange.

School: Louisiana State University  Mascot: Mike the Tiger

The Story: Louisiana State is all about their tigers. The men and women’s sports teams at LSU are called the “Fighting Tigers” and the “Lady Tigers.” The school’s football field is even called the “Tiger Stadium.” LSU decided to take it to the next level by making their mascot a real live tiger. LSU is currently on it’s 6th Mike the Tiger and Mike gets tons of visitors per year. There is also a costumed tiger referred to as Mike, who appears at most of LSU’s sporting events.

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