3 ways to organize for new classes

Keeping track of new teachers,  all of your assignments and how your classes operate can all be a bit confusing, not to mention you have to do this EVERY SEMESTER. There are ways to keep organized and get settled in to your new schedule. Here are our top 3…


This one probably seems fairly obvious. Typically most students use some sort of planning system, whether it’s a paper planner, phone or app. Keep organized by looking at all of your syllabi immediately and writing out everything you have due on which day. Tests, quizzes, papers and reading assignments can all get overwhelming if you look at them on one piece of paper. Having your assinments and tests all mapped will let you know when to begin studying and remind you which day you have what.


You’ve been doing this ever since you were little and now is not the time to stop. Right when you get your classes and figure out exactly what you’ll need, go out and get it. This could be binders, notebooks, pens and the most important thing- books. Having all your stuff at the very beginning of the course will ensure that you’ll be prepared whenever an assignment comes up down the road.


So you have all of your folders for you previous classes, but out with the old and in with the new. You’re in a new mindset and ready to leave those C’s and D’s courses behind you. Go on your computer and organize your folders for each class. If you like to take notes on your computer, set it up so each class has a different tab. This will keep you organized and ready to go each day.

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