Dorm Safe Holiday Decorations

Although most of you guys are probably going home for the christmas break, it’s still nice to keep the holiday spirit alive and decorate before! Holiday decorations are typically only acceptable until the first of the year, so you may as well take advantage this month and put some up! Decorating in a dorm can be tough with the whole no realtree thing and no candles rule, however there are other ways you can decorate and still keep the festive spirit alive!

  • Chanukiah (Hanukkah Menorah)– A Chanukiah is hands down  the most important aspect of Hanukkah, as you are supposed to light a candle each night and the candles should stay all lit for the 8 days of the holiday. Since dorm rules don’t allow candles and you’re already on probation with your RA not a rule breaker, it’s time to get creative. A lot of people these days choose to go with a plugged in electric menorah, but if you’re feeling crafty try a DIY menorah.
  • Door DecorThe weather outside may be frightful, but that doesn’t mean your door can’t be delightful. Decorating your door for the holiday season can be a fun way to spread cheer to everyone in your hall.
  • Snowflakes– There may be real snow outside, but why not bring it inside this year? There are TONS of ways to make cool snowflakes but a few of our favorite and easy methods are with paper and hot glue guns.
  • Lights– Twinkle lights can really make a room feel festive with the simple flip of a light switch. They’re great to have on while you’re just hanging out and watching The Grinch  reading your assignment for tomorrow, or even used as a night light. But, why stick with the regular lights when you can get creative? Try using ping pong balls to spice up your room this winter.
  • Garland– This is a tell tale that the holiday season is here. Try making your own DIY garland this year for Hanukkah out of popsicle sticks, or for Christmas out of ornaments.
  • Christmas Tree– Okay, so you can’t really go out and get a full-sized tree for your dorm, but you do have other options. You can buy a smaller fake tree and decorate as you usually do, or you can do a makeshift tree with some unique materials. Try making a tree out of your books or even use your window as a place to hang your ornaments.
  • Wreath– If you’re not really into the whole decorating your entire door thing, then just put up a cute and simple wreath. Whether you buy or make your wreath, it’ll still show your holiday spirit and add a little something extra to your door. If you’re looking to get crafty, you can make a sock wreath, or even one out of holiday gift bows. Both options are great because you can choose your own color combination and customize it to the holiday you celebrate!

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