Creative holiday gifts for your roommate


You always have the option of going out and buying something at any store for your roommate, but what’s better than getting a personalized gift that you know someone put time and effort into? This holiday, try experimenting with some creative gifts. Here’s 10 options to check out…

1) Personalized calendar: Whether you and your roommate are besties or just bunk-mates, you probably have some idea about their general interests, passions and hobbies. Use that information to create a calendar for them this holiday. Customize it with all of their favorite things and maybe even some pictures of you two!

2) Customized coffee mug: This is a great DIY gift for the holidays (even if your roommate is some type of extraterrestrial that doesn’t like coffee). Not the best painter? Use Sharpies to decorate the mug!

3) Handmade ornaments: If your roommate celebrates Christmas, this is a perfect present for them. It’s thoughtful and functional, with a wide variety of materials to chose from.

4) Blanket: This is an inventive gift to keep your roommate warm this winter! Maybe there’s a motivational quote your roommate is always referencing?  Or, if they’re really into school spirit, you could always have the blanket embroidered with your school mascot and team colors.

5) Aromatherapy shower tablets: You may not have a bath in your dorm room, but that doesn’t mean your shower can’t be a soothing one! If you happen to pay attention to the scents your roommate usually gravitates towards, then this present will be even sweeter.

6) Mini zen garden: Maybe you don’t have room (or time) for a big plant to take care of. If your roommate is into nature, this is the gift for them. It’s small enough to fit in your tiny dorm room, yet interesting enough to bring color and vivacity to it as well.

7) Homemade candy cane body scrub: This is a wonderful gift for the wintertime. It’s also easy to make and super inexpensive, while still giving off a holiday vibe.

8) Homemade hot cocoa kit: Who doesn’t love Hot Cocoa? Give your roommate a sweet treat this holiday season with this delicious DIY present.

9) Spa in a jar: This gift is not only creative, it’s also perfect for the roommate who likes to be pampered.  Spoil your roommate with this imaginative present.

10) Instagram coasters: If your roommate is an Instagrammer, this gift will not go unappreciated. Turn their favorite photos into a memorable gift this holiday with a set of personalized coasters.

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