5 Ways to Winterize your Dorm

Burrrrrr-itos, it’s cold outside! If there is a chill running through your whole body and not even a snuggy will warm you up, then you have to do something about it. Check out these 5 ways to winterize your room this season.

1. Window insulation film– This cheap and easy method will go a long way. All you have to do is buy film online or from the nearest store and put it on your windows. The film will keep the chill out of your body and the heat in your room.

2. Bubble Wrap– Although it does sound a bit funny, putting bubble wrap on your windows can trap the cold breeze in between the bubbles, leaving the toasty room all to you.

3. Weather Stripping Tape-These strips are great for both windows and doors. They provide a tight seal that stops cold drafts from coming in and you won’t even notice that they are there!

4. Curtains– Using blackout curtains can help trap the heat inside and keep the cold out. Just be sure to choose a heavy weighted or insulated fabric, otherwise they will just be decoration

5. Draft Stoppers-If you live in an outside dorm hall and you can feel the cold chill even when you walk by your door, this is perfect for you. It’s easy and can make a huge difference at night.

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