Ways to Score Cheap Flights for Your Thanksgiving Trip Home


The countdown to Thanksgiving has begun and if you haven’t purchased your plane ticket home, you could be facing some pretty steep prices! Last minute flight purchases are no joke. That’s why we’ve come up with some ways to save yourself some money so you can get home and enjoy your holiday with your family.

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  • Check all of the discount sites such as Hotwire, Expedia, Priceline and Last Minute Travel. Always double check the original flight prices to make sure you’re actually getting a good deal, but for the most part, this is your best bet on getting the cheapest rates.
  • Airlines generally drop rates on the Tuesday before the weekend you want to fly. They will all try to beat each others prices, helping you score the best deal.
  • Follow airlines on social media to see any last-minute posts about flight deals. You’ll know the minute they decide to drop their rates.
  • If you can leave a couple of days prior to Thanksgiving, you’ll find better prices. The earlier you can go, the better. Plus, hopefully you’ll beat the craziness that is the airport on holidays.
  • Look for late or early flights. If you see the boarding time and it makes you cringe, chances are it’s cheaper than a middle of the day flight.
  • Use a service for students. STA Travel will help you find the cheapest flights. You can also use them when you study abroad!
  • Know anyone who flies a lot? See if they’ll be a good samaritan and let you use their miles.

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We know how difficult it can be to budget in a trip home, but hopefully some of these tips will help you make that happen. Next year, purchase your flight ahead of time! Though you might find a kick-butt deal at the last minute, you want to avoid the headache and anxiety of not finding the flight you need next year.

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