5 Pets for Small Spaces

As a college student, your schedule can be pretty hectic at times. Small pets are great because they are low maintenance, but will still give you a sense of companionship to make you feel more at home in your new surroundings.

Here are 5 pets that are great for small spaces…

1) Fish – Most fish are super easy to take care of.  They bring decorative color to a room and have a soothing presence. College can be stressful at times, and fish are nice distractions. We recommend a beta or a goldfish for a dorm room, as some more exotic fish require special environments with certain lights and water.

2) Hamster – These cuties require a bit more attention than a fish would. For one, they are nocturnal and require food and water. The most important thing is a buying a good cage, as you don’t want your pet escaping!

3) Box turtle – While they require a little more maintenance than other small pets, they still make a great pet to keep in your dorm room.  Just remember that they can live quite long (up to 40 years), so make sure you will want this pet for when you graduate and move out of the dorms.

4) Hermit crab – Hermit crabs are really easy to care for. They might not be very interactive, but they can add a homey touch to your dorm room. Be sure not to mimic your hermit friend, though, and remember to mingle among your fellow species. 🙂

5) Bird – Depending on what your housing or dorm rules are, you may or may not be allowed to keep a bird as a pet. A canary is a good bird for a dorm room, as canaries are very independent and do not require much of your attention.

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