Study Abroad Checklist


Wherever your destination may be, the journey will require some essentials. Most of the time, newbie travelers will typically over pack their luggage full of unnecessary items.  When traveling, especially in a foreign country, some things are simply vital to bring along with you on your voyage.

Here is a list of 10 crucial  things to bring on your journey! Some may seem obvious but you’d be surprised what everyday items you might forget to pack.

#1 Passport – This goes without saying, as you will need a valid passport to enter another country. What’s important here is that you have a paper copy as well, in case you should lose the passport itself. Keep this paper copy somewhere safe and separate from your hard copy in case of emergencies.

#2 Laundry necessities – If you’re accustomed to having mom do your laundry on the weekends, you’re going to have to start doing it yourself while abroad! Find the nearest laundromat, and bring along your computer or some books so you can study while your clothing washes and dries. Laundromats will have washing detergent you can purchase for individual use, but you can also bring along some condensed washing detergent to avoid paying for that.

#3 Toiletries – In addition to the crucial items like a toothbrush, soap and hand sanitizer, consider purchasing in a quick dry travel towel. This will come in handy if you plan on traveling to nearby cities and countries while you’re away. They are convenient and can be folded or rolled up to fit easily inside of your luggage. They are made of special fibers that make them dry quickly – ensuring the rest of your belongings will also stay dry.

#4 Converter & adapter – The electrical system is different depending on where you travel but wherever you decide to go, you will need a converter and adapter to charge and use your electronic devices.

#5 Pocket knife – Find yourself a nice little Swiss Army Knife. It is a convenient multipurpose tool. There are many different types and sizes, each with a multitude of uses. This compact multi-tool will give you everything from nail clippers and scissors to a pen for convenience and small blade for protection.

#6 Money belt – You can find all types of these that you can wear around your waist, neck, etc. Not only are money belts versatile, they are discreet. Most are adjustable and have zippers large enough to hold your passport and money.

#7 Travel Pillow – Traveling can take a lot out of you. Bring along a neck pillow for your time spent on the plane. While studying abroad, you may find yourself exploring your surroundings on trains or busses, and your body will thank you for the extra comfort.

#8 Phone – Unless you want to pay a bundle in roaming charges, be sure to turn off your call data (service) and switch your phone to airplane mode for your trip. This will save you tons of money, but just remember that you will only be able to use your device when there is WiFi available. You might want to download some helpful travel apps  for translation, maps and to talk to friends and family before you head abroad.

#9 Headphones – Essential for your time spent on planes and trains, bringing along some headphones is a great idea. You may even be sharing an apartment with a few people, so having a pair of headphones to put on when they’re being a little too loud for your taste will be a major plus.

#10 Credit & Debit Cards – Make sure to contact your bank and let them know you are going away to avoid them putting a hold on your card. Also, find out whatever information you can about exchange rates and processing fees. Most cards charge an additional fee for each purchase, and it is usually a percentage of the overall purchase cost. The percent you are charged varies depending on who you bank with, and there are some cards available that have no extra transaction fee’s when traveling abroad.

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