How To Survive Winter Storms In College

A Featured Blog Post By Tyara Salcedo A Student @ University of Rhode Island 

Everyone either loves or hates snow days, there’s usually no in between. Snow days mean delayed or cancelled classes, snowball fights, and all the winter fun that comes with the snow! But, they also mean crappy commuting, severe weather conditions, and everyone’s favorite, black ice (especially if you’re convinced your school barely understands the concept of “salt”).

But don’t worry – I understand your pain and have some suggestions that will hold you over until spring.

1. Stock up on essentials
There’s nothing worse than trying to make it to the dining hall (or nearest convenience store) in the middle of a snowstorm because you have nothing to eat in your dorm or ran out of something important! Check the weather regularly and try to keep a fresh supply of things you may need so you can keep nice and warm in your dorm.

2. Use your time wisely
Have a test that got cancelled? Homework you knew you should have done that you just didn’t have time for? Well, now’s the time to actually do it. Catch up on homework (or get ahead!) Study up for future tests and quizzes, or do the extra credit homework for the ones that may have gotten cancelled by the storm (you got lucky!).

3. …Or not
Sometimes, you actually just need to take a break and relax. So, use this free day to take some alone time and back off on the studying (and/or the partying if that’s more your thing – we don’t judge). Finish that series or that movie on Netflix everyone’s been recommending to you. If you’re an artist or writer, pick up the pencil or paintbrush again.

4. Connect with friends
Between classes, studying, clubs, and all the random things that pop up – sometimes we just don’t have schedules that match up with a lot of our friends. Use these days off by making the most of it and reconnecting with any friends you barely get to see.

5. Get creative
Make a pillow fort with friends, go sledding, make a snowman, learn a new skill! Things that will keep you occupied will help the slow winter months and tedious snow days fly by.

Happy snow days!



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