6 Ways To Become “Productively Bored”

Featured Guest Post By Katelin Cosner  College of William and Mary

You’ve been studying that same textbook for hours now. You have probably read that same page at least three times and you still don’t know what it says. Just accept it – you are bored. I get it…Sometimes your brain just needs a break. There are only 24 hours in a day and only 7 days in a week – how can you possibly waste any of that precious time just sitting around and doing nothing? So, what can you do to ease the boredom and not waste any more time?

Below are some ideas to help get you out of that rut of boredom (By the way, a professor once told me “the only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.” How’s that for perspective?).

***Disclaimer: The following suggestions are not guaranteed to alleviate boredom. I, nor Dorm Room Movers, do not take any responsibility for boredom that occurs after all of the listed activities have been completed and boredom is still present.

·      #1: Look up interesting articles in your field of study. This will expand your knowledge base in your field and give you something neat to talk to your professor about next time you drop by their office.

·       #2:Go run errands. You most likely need a change of scenery. Why not head out to pick up this week’s groceries or how about returning that overdue library book? Surely there’s something interesting outside of those four walls that you just keep staring at.

·      #3:Take a walk. Even if it’s a short walk down the hall or to the building next door and back. Simply standing up and walking around can increase your blood flow and get your brain back on track.

·      #4:Eat a meal. Eating and sleeping seem to be two activities that often get neglected by busy college students. Eating a balanced meal or even a healthy snack can replenish the energy that your brain needs to function properly.

·      #5:Take a power nap. If you are tired because you haven’t been getting an adequate amount of sleep, your brain functioning will be impaired. Taking a power nap may give your brain just enough down time to revamp itself and push through. Experts advise that a power nap should last somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. For more info from the experts, check out this About.com article
      #6: Work on a different assignment. This may sound crazy, but hear me out. Working on a dissimilar assignment will allow your brain to think differently and will give you a fresh perspective on the original assignment.

This list is just the beginning – there are so many ways to use your time wisely. What is your favorite way to be productively bored? Tweet us, Facebook us, comment here on this post. Let us know what ways you are productively bored!

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