10 Ways To Say The “L” Word & Not Go Broke

Getting spoiled is nice… 

But, it’s not how much money you throw down that expresses your undying love to someone. It’s all about how you go about doing it. Those old age sayings “it’s the thought that counts” or “it’s the little things that matter” truly make a difference.  

Don’t fall into the “cliches” of the Valentines Day hallmark specials. Check out these quick and easy ideas that won’t break your $30 weekly spending allowance:

For The Guys
Rule of thumb – guys like beer, sports and food. Anything beyond that and you’re pretty much wasting your time. Besides, if you’ve reached the “love” stage, you should honestly know better… Unless, of course, it’s your first Valentines Day together. But even then. Just stop it. The romance novel you’ve been reading is not realistic and most guys in college don’t come with an american express black card. Sure, there are exceptions to everything and your guy may not fall into the standard category (like computer techs, comic book junkies, the grungy artist types and even perhaps the dude who has access to a large trust fund), but the general rule of thumb is – you can’t go wrong by spoiling him with one of the following gifts… 

#1 Beer:  
Grab a six pack of his favorite brew and wrap a bow around it. 

#2 Sports: 
Stop by the red box or hop on Netflix and set up a movie night with all of his favorite sports related shows and/or best fighting matches. 

#3 Food: 
Top off your movie night with a bucket of wings or whatever he likes munching on to keep the hunger pains at bay. 

For The Girls
Girls are completely bi-polar when it comes to pleasing or exceeding their expectations. The truth is, if she isn’t the flowers type or tells you not to get her anything – get her some damn flowers and/or a gift that will make her think you took some time out of your busy day to think about making her feel special. That’s all it’s about guys, for real. Girls like you to make them feel special. We live in a society where they’re constantly having to second guess themselves because the next Maxim magazine edition has “THE GIRL” of every guys dreams or whatever. So, if you can make her feel special you’re already ahead of the game! Here’s some gift ideas to help you do just that…

#4 Flowers: 
Most girls get roses. Don’t do it. It’s cliche and roses are totally overrated, not to mention expensive. Get her a bundle of flowers that symbolize what she means to you. Yes, every flower symbolizes something. I know – it’s silly, but it’s true. Take the Lily for example – its symbolic for hope, faith, renewal, promise, clarity, passion, purity, remembrance, innocence and transitioning. With that in mind, go to the nearest grocery store or florist and ask the lady at the counter what she suggest’s based on what your girl means to you. Include a note with the symbolism of the flowers you’re giving her. Chicks eat that sh** up. 

#5 Chocolate:
This too is cliche, but you can’t bypass treats. It’s just a given… She may be shy to eat sweets in front of you, but I guarantee when you’re not around she’s pigging out on ice cream and cupcakes (Now you know where the extra pounds came from). Do yourself a favor – while you’re in the candy aisle at the store, grab some chocolate covered pretzels or the yogurt covered animal crackers that you can include with the flowers. It beats getting a heart shaped box of crappy chocolate any day. Those things have at maximum 3 good pieces of chocolate in them – the rest usually suck. So, don’t waste your money. 

#6 Dinner:
Again, you’re wasting your time making reservations. By now, you should know her favorite dish at her favorite restaurant. Order something to go and enjoy it together over a movie in your room. It’s easy and while you’re there… Well, you know ;0)

When in doubt…

#7: Go see a movie at the local drive in or nearby campus.
#8: Check out one of the local tourist attractions and play tourist for a day (Zoo’s and museums  are a great place to start). 
#9: See what local play is currently on in your campus theatre. 
#10: Set up a basket full of your favorite snacks and have a picnic on the campus grounds.

As a Dorm Room Movers author, feel free to leave any suggestions on what Valentines Day ideas you have or just your random thoughts in general. While you’re at it… If you take another look at the the difference between what to do for Guys and Girls, it’s pretty obvious to see who has it easier tomorrow – so, good luck if you’re shopping for the latter half! 



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