Secret Santa Ideas For Your Dormmates!


Planning on having a secret santa party for your dormmates and/or dorm hall before you all head back home for the winter break? 

Check out the top three gifts we’ve found below. Not only will they keep your dorm-mates’ happy with the gift of giving, but the ideas are bound to give your friends a laugh or two – all for under $20!

Secret Santa Gift #1:

Squawk Away…
Need a super cheesy gift that will annoy the heck out of your dorm-mate? Look no farther. This squawking chicken is bound to come in handy on the days you’ve got to scramble to class and your roomie friends want to sleep in. Squeeze the chicken hard and your ears will be filled with the blessed sound of a screaming chicken.  

Secret Santa Gift #2: 

Put Your Mouth On This…
Wrap your lips around this mug… Or have one of your friends do it! Pick the one who can’t live without coffee or tea and watch them drink directly from the rim of a big toilet bowl. 

Secret Santa Gift #3:

 Finally A Belt That’s Useful! 
This nifty beer belt may come in handy more often than you’d expect. It holds up to 6 beverages and the strap is adjustable. It is great for college parties, or for any football events where you may do a bit of tailgating. The best part is no one can spike your drink since you’re carrying your own. 

As a Dorm Room Movers author, feel free to add any additional gag gifts that will keep your buddies chuckling throughout the next semester. 

Happy Holidays,


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