3 Reasons To Travel While You’re In College

Without a doubt, traveling abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever gain… So instead of coming up with reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t go, you should be writing down a list of reasons why you should and can go. 

Below are 3 to give you a head start…


#1: Adventure

Bust out of your daily routine and play discovery for a couple of weeks (or a semester abroad). It will help you investigate new foods, new places, and you will meet new people. Although it may not be a hobbit adventure, you’re bound to find your own road to travel down and get lost in the sea of exploration.


#2: Culture Awareness

Your local community on campus may have its share of cultural influence, but stepping outside the safety zones of American soil will ground you in ways you wouldn’t expect.  No longer the typical college student, your abroad travels will teach you humility, compassion, and provide you with an overall appreciation for what you may have previously taken for granted.

Cultural awareness isn’t about watching independent movies or documentary films about others’ experiences. It’s about experiencing first-hand what another country is like. From the food they eat to the political struggles they may be facing – you’re bound to absorb an entirely different type of knowledge that cannot be taught in a text book.


#3: Connect

Traditionally, college is a a plethora of firsts. With that in mind, you meet all kinds of people. Whether they share common interests or not, connecting with others is a major part of college. Having the ability to connect with people across the pond is just as advantageous as what you’re already doing. The only difference is you’re bound to learn a heck of a lot more from someone from another country than from someone you’ve yielded to that you happen to share a class with.

As a Dorm Room Movers author, feel free to add any additional reasons why you know traveling abroad is rewarding so our fellow readers can gain more insight into going abroad with their school’s programs! 



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