Part Time Job Ideas For College Students


Need extra cash? 

Holding a part time job in between classes or on the weekends is a great way to keep yourself above water or just have spending money to throw around if you’re on a tight budget. Whatever your situation is, below are 6 examples of typical jobs any college student can snag if looking for part time work.

# 1:  Tech Savvy?

If so, get your geek on and check out your campus computer lab job listings. On a positive note (other than the job experience and extra money you’ll earn), this can come in handy if you have a late night report to finish and are scheduled on the night shift. Kill two birds with one stone and work while you complete a project!

# 2: Print It Out…
Most college campuses have a center for printing and copying. Sometimes these facilities are tied to the mail center. In any case, visit your campus mail center and inquire with one of the staff members about job opportunities. If they’re not hiring you can always checkout your nearest Kinkos Store or Alpha Graphics.

# 3: Get Active!
Your campus gym or any local nearby gyms usually need part time receptionists or fitness instructors. The best part about working at a gym is that you get to work out and get paid to do it!

# 4: Paid Internship…
Internships are a great way to get job experience for the degree you plan to major in. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, the experience and training will help build credibility on your resume while giving you access to possible job prospects when you graduate. It will also provide you with resources for when you need a reliable reference.

# 5: It’s Worth Waiting For!
Waiting tables is a standard job students have while attending college. You can learn valuable customer service experience, which is a requirement for most companies. In addition to that, the hours are short (typically 5 hour shifts) and you can make good money doing it (making it worth your while). If you land a waiting job in a restaurant with a bar, you can work your way up to bar-tending. Whether that is your cup of tea or not, the tips rack up quickly – giving you plenty of wiggle room for when you need to raid the piggy bank! Unsure of where to look? A great resource for part time waiting jobs is

# 6: Rep It Up…
A lot of local businesses near universities or college campuses rely on students for income. In turn, they’ll hire campus representatives to promote their service. These jobs are generally easy to work around, as they do not follow a strict schedule or work regime that you have to follow. The great part about one of these jobs is that you can earn the extra income without having to really “work!” By simply promoting the businesses service while attending class, you can easily pass out flyers to your peers and friends or wear their t-shirt for exposure. These type of jobs provide you with the work experience you’ll need after you graduate while giving you the opportunity to still focus on your education.  

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