Costs College Students Can Do Without

Costs in college add up quickly. Understanding the differences between what you need & what you want will help keep you on track and avoid unnecessary expenses. Similar to my post Baller On A Budget – today’s discussion will cover what items you can do without during your college years to help avoid a big bill when you’ve accomplished your sought out major.

# 1: Coffee To Go…
Say no to the one stop shops. Regardless of how good it tastes or how hung over you may get after a night of playing quarters with your dorm buddies, you don’t need to buy a $5 cup of Joe two or three times a day. Home brewed coffee may not come with a steaming option, but it’s lighter on your pocket and that same $5 can buy a bag of grounds versus one little cup. Making your purchases last as long as possible is worth your while and helpful to maximizing your budget.

# 2: Make Every Dollar Count!
By now you should be familiar with the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree chains. If not, hop on board the super savings train. Most household cleaning products cost anywhere from $7-$20 at the local super market. Sssppptttt here’s a secret – you can buy those same types of products at the Dollar Store down the road for, yup you guessed it – $1. Sure, they may not be name brand products, but who cares when you can save your money and still get all of the necessities to keep you and the items in your room clean.

# 3: Waste Not Want Not…
Avoid breaking the bank and skip out on monthly water orders or bottled water in general. Invest in a reusable water bottle with a filter and use the tap in your room or the dorm kitchen. Not only will it keep money in your pocket, but you won’t have to feel bad about wasting so many plastic bottles. Green is what’s in!

# 4: Walk Or Ride!
Moving out of state for college?  Don’t bring your car with you. Invest in a decent bike you can use on campus or walk it instead. Not only will it keep you from gaining the dreaded “freshman 15” but it too is Eco-friendly! Exercising may not be your thing, but walking or biking around campus instead of driving will cut your costs dramatically. Just think – no parking passes, no gas fees, and best of all – you won’t have to worry about vandalism. If you’re traveling far, get a cab or take the bus.

# 5: Rent A Text…
One huge expense in college is the additional items you are required to buy to get through a class. 9 out of 10 times, it’s the textbook that’ll put the extra stitch in your side when you think about how much the whole college deal is costing you. Hopefully, nobody told you it was cheap and I’m certainly not going to either. What I can suggest to you is renting them out instead. TextSurf is a great resource for renting books. Check them out…

As a Dorm Room Movers Author, I sincerely hope that these five tips help you cut costs. College is an investment in your future. You can’t avoid the debt, but you can find ways to improve it and work around it. Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions if you have anything to add relating to saving money for and/or during college. 



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