Hack Your Way Through College!


Dorm life is loud, cramped and full of surprises. 
Despite living life in the fast lane, college students can get through their daily grind a bit easier with these 7 simple solutions otherwise known as college hacks…

1. So Fresh & So Clean…
Does your dorm room have a funk to it? Try taping a few dryer sheets in front of a plug in fan or the ac unit. If your dorm building has air ducts for the A/C then place it on the vents instead.


2. Eggs Made Easy…
Don’t have a bunch of time in the morning for breakfast? Don’t skip the most important meal of the day. Pop an egg or some oatmeal in a coffee mug and microwave it.


3. Wake Up Call…
Have a hard time waking up in the morning?  Placing your cell phone in a glass or a plastic bottle and using it’s alarm feature is a sure way to get your attention if you’re a sound sleeper. I can’t promise that the noise will be as annoying as an alarm clock, but it’ll get the job done!


4. Huff On This…
Do you have a hard time remembering stuff? Using scent is a guaranteed way to trigger your memory. Certain scents can help keep you focused. So, the next time you have an exam to study for, try spraying a bottle of something new to get your scent and memory working towards the same result – your test answers.


5. Make Space In Your Mini Fridge…
Want more storage space in your mini-fridge? Use a large binder clip and place it in the shelf or door to create the space you need!


6. Document-What Now?
Bored with studying but have a test or project? Watch a documentary about the topic instead. This especially comes in handy for history, agriculture, geography and anthropology classes.


6. So That Exam Coming Up…
Yikes, right? Hop online and research college test examples specific to the subject you’re taking. It’s a good way to wrap your mind around alternative views and think of questions you may not have thought to ask yourself or just to guarantee yourself an A! Well, maybe not an A but definitely a good grade.


7. Can I Get A Break Up In Here?
Breaks are essential to study sessions. It’s a known fact that if you allow for breaks while you’re studying, you’ll absorb the information you’re studying easier as well as improve your productivity and creativity levels.


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