College Parties 101


College isn’t just about projects, exams, and long nights of cramming as much information into your pretty little as possible. 

For most people between the ages of 18-25, diving into the social activities of student life is ultimately what defines their years in college. Generally speaking (or typing if you want to get literal), the people you meet in college are the people who are going to help pave the way to the future YOU!

It might sound cliche but it’s true. So, get in gear, be OK with creating a few waves and infiltrate the culture of college parties. 

Since high school’s officially over and your BFF’s are dispersed all over the country (or stuck in the same town you grew up in), your options are limited to ensure you don’t make a complete clown out of yourself. At least, for the first few get together’s anyway. 

The thing is… Precautions are necessary. Both from a social status standpoint as well as relating to your safety. It’s a new place and you’re surrounded by new people – it’s time to play grown up. I’m not saying you can’t have play time, just be sure to play smart! 

Below are five rules that apply to any college student entering the party scene for the first time:

# 1: The Late Arrival…
This isn’t class. No one will penalize you for being a tad late. In fact, showing up late is the better option. Rule of thumb – arriving at least 30-45 minutes later than the starting time of the party will keep you in the safe zone. Anything later than that and you’ll probably head into an overly crowded event or the people there will already be three sheets to the wind (turning your fun night into a night of playing doctor to random strangers).

# 2: Scarf So You Don’t Barf… 
It might not sound ideal because you really want your skinny jeans to fit right or you want to leave room in your belly so you can consume as much beer as possible. Either way, scarfing down a plate of some grub will save you from a night of barfing.

# 3: Stay Hydrated…
Drink a glass of water in between filling up your red king cups or shots of whatever. If you haven’t learned this trick by now then you probably haven’t experienced a true hangover. To avoid having your head feel like it was beat by a baseball bat, drink water or Gatorade in between the beverages that contain liquor. If you can’t stick with in between every drink then at least do it after the third or fourth round. It’ll save you from a days worth of recovery just to get normal again.

# 4: Buddy Up… 
This rule generally applies to the female viewers. Yes, it may be a tad sexist, but the truth is there are creepers out there and although you may feel bullet proof, you’re not. Buddying up with a roommate or two is a sure way to avoid doing anything too crazy or having anything too crazy happen to you. Make sense? Good… This doesn’t mean you have to hold hands all night and be anti-social towards everyone else. To keep it simple, all you have to do is keep an eye out for each other and check in periodically. 

# 5: Always Take Cash…
You don’t have to stuff your wallet with dollar bills (unless that’s your thing), but having at least $20 in cash on you for the night is smart. If you’re going to a fraternity/sorority party or walking the local college district, keep in mind that cover charges are pretty typical. Having cash in hand will help get you into the places you want to go. It will also help get you home if you wind up having to cab it back home. 

Most importantly, have fun!!

Take hold of the reigns and embrace it! As a Dorm Room Movers Author, feel free to leave your comments. 



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