Don’t Be A College Cliche


There’s the… Jock, the brown noser, the ‘batch’, the party maniac, the geek, and the prude. 

Guess what? The good news is – high school is over. There is NOT a popular crowd anymore… 

All of those people have been absorbed into the masses of every day life.  It’s called being a grown up or learning to at least act like one. Social norms no longer play a significant part in your day-to-day life.

At least not like they used too…

Everyone has a name for something or someone… It’s human nature to put people into categories… It’s how we understand one another.

There will always be that one kid who thinks the universe revolves around them. They’re generally loud, over the top and expect people to swoon over every thing they say or for you to accommodate them no matter what’s going on in your own life.

Yes, there are going to be groups and clicks, and people who fall into those stereotypes we all pretend to hate – but the likelihood that those people will play a part in your life is slim to none. That is, of course, unless you want them to.

Besides, the reality is you can’t change those kinds of people.  If they want to learn, grow and better themselves as people, they will. It’s not your job to do it for them…

There are, however, ways to ensure you don’t fall victim to the typical college stereotypes. 

  • Don’t get stuck in social labels by challenging your own current ones. You might have hated prep rallies or social clubs in high school, but you’re in college now. Going out of your way to meet new people and engage with them via common interests will give you the freedom to get to know what you have always been afraid of or disliked. The worst that can happen is you meet some people with the same interests as you – no big deal here. 
  • Give others a chance. So, you were the teachers pet or center of attention at your previous school. The spotlight’s fun, but allowing others to shine from time to time will reduce people from obsessing about your brown nosing abilities or what clothes you wore today. If someone sighs every time you open your mouth, maybe you should hang on to the words you were about to say and listen instead. 
  • Respect other peoples opinions and choices. It’s ok to have different viewpoints or go to an alternative venue than your dorm room buddy. It doesn’t make either of you right or wrong, nor does it mean one of you is cooler than the other. You are different people and you’re going to have different opinions, likes and dislikes. Respecting someone for their differences goes a lot farther than being critical of them for what makes them unique. 
  • How do you want people to see you? If you are truly in a trans-formative period in your life, don’t you think you ought to try new things and meet new people? Envision yourself – how do you want to look and how do you want people to perceive you? If you have the ability to adapt like a chameleon, that’s a pretty handy skill. Adapting doesn’t necessarily mean you’re making strides to change though – it simply means you’re conscious of change and can maneuver around it.  Sometimes, going against the grid in these cases can be fun and rewarding. So, do yourself a favor and try it on for a change! 

Change may seem scary at first, but ultimately, it’s a new chance or beginning; and in those instances it’s a window into endless possibility. Don’t let others get in your way. More importantly, don’t let yourself get in the way. 

Take hold of the reigns and embrace it! As a Dorm Room Movers Author, feel free to leave your comments. 



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