Rock Your First Week At College

First impressions are everything, time to make it count!

We all know the saying “go big or go home,” but do we truly follow that logic? 
Sometimes going big doesn’t equate to good choices. In fact, it usually means you plan on making bad ones. As much as we encourage having fun, below are a few ways to ensure you make your first week count without adding extra baggage to the situation. 

Tips to make it count…
  1. New school = new people; go to orientation and socialize. The more people you know, the less you will feel homesick or out of place. 
  2. Get to know your RA. They might be the ones to enforce the rules, and if you’re a rebel with a cause it’s easier said than done. Either way, sometimes biting your tongue and being accommodating is the better choice/solution. Besides, you two may it it off and you could gain a new friend out of it!
  3. Join a few of the campus clubs or organizations that appeal to you. If you’re like 75% of the population out there, you probably won’t know a whole lot of people your first week. Step out of your shell and interact with people who you have stuff in common with. 
  4. Take advantage of the advising office. You may not need help the first week, but introducing yourself and starting a relationship with your adviser is a great way to ensure you receive help when you need it. More often than not you have to schedule a time to meet with them (sorry, but you’re not the only one they advise), so reach out by making a point to say “hi” for no reason other than to be nice.
  5. Balance your school work with your social life. As much as you want to party hardy the first month (or possibly more) you need to maintain a balance with both. Starting your foot off on the party path may seem cool at first, but it will eventually affect your grades and put you in a category that you may want to avoid. So, be aware of your surroundings and the impact your decisions may have on your college life. 
To end it on a high note, enjoy yourself and just be safe about it! As a Dorm Room Movers Author, feel free to leave your comments. 



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