Dorm Room Rules – What They’ll Tell You & What You’ll Learn


Rules are meant to be broken… 

But, before you head to college there are some rules that you should be aware of. Unless you want to live outside of the dorms during your first few years of college, following these rules is essential to keeping a roof over that pretty head of yours.

After rigorous research, we’ve concluded that the top 5 common dorm room rules / policies are as follows:

Here’s what they’ll tell you:

  1. No alcohol. Not everyone attending college is of age. So, the college is liable if something goes wrong. 
  2. No hazardous materials. That means no candles, incense, cigarettes, portable heating units, halogen lighting or lava lamps. Pretty much anything that can overheat or burn down the building. 
  3. No unruly conduct. This includes fighting, destruction of dorm or campus property, and/or setting off alarms if their is no purpose to it other than having a laugh. 
  4. No weapons. Kind of a given here, but this also expands to paintball guns, darts, and other similar items that could cause harm.
  5. No pets. If you need a cuddle grab a “friend” or buy a teddy bear. Unless you require one, pets are not permitted on most campuses. 
Here’s what you’ll learn:
  1. Don’t shut everyone out. Unless you’re out of your room, keeping your door open will give you the opportunity to meet people. 
  2. Create a door code with your roommate. Sharing space can be difficult, especially if you need some alone time with your significant other or friend. By establishing a rule with your roommate (like placing a ‘do not disturb’ sign or a rubber band on the handle), you’re ensuring your private moments be kept private. 
  3. Keep your space tidy. It may not always be easy to do, especially if you’re in a rush – but being mindful of your stuff will keep your roommate happy. This goes both ways.
  4. Invest in headphones. If you need peace and quiet, then it’s up to you to get it. You live with other people, so that means they’re going to create noise. If it’s excessive that’s one thing, but expecting others to keep quiet because it bothers you or it isn’t working with your study time is unreasonable. Headphones help tune out others and will keep you focused. 
  5. Don’t gossip or spread rumors. Obviously, you’re going to talk about others but be mindful of what you say because once it’s been said it’s bound to spread. If it’s a topic that should be kept to yourself, then discretion is probably the best policy. Remember the golden rule here kids. Treat others the way you want to be treated! 
Now that we’ve established all the nitty gritty, have fun, work hard and live up your college years! As a Dorm Room Movers Author, feel free to leave your comments. 



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