Don’t Be Bullied By College Misconceptions


Don’t allow any college misconceptions to scare you away from continuing your education.  False statements, half truths or negative remarks can easily persuade your future intentions. 

This isn’t black and white folks… 

College is going to be tough, there is no doubt about that. However, allowing someone to push you in a certain direction is never the right answer. Even if you’re looking for an excuse not to go or the person who you’re getting advice from thinks their answers are right doesn’t mean those thoughts or their answers are the right ones for you.

So, let’s face the common misconceptions about college head on…

College Myth #1: College Is Harder Than High School.

Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s hard. The difference is, it’s on your shoulders now. With no parent supervision or threat of detentions to keep you in your teachers good graces, the pressure is on. Sure, you’re going to be challenged, but that’s life. It beats going through the motions of a boring routine or bussing tables at the local diner down the road because that’s the only job you could score that didn’t require a degree!

College Myth #2: You’re Going To Gain Weight

The truth is, if you take care of yourself and exercise regularly than this can be avoided. If you stuff your pie hole with lots of pizza and booze every day and DON’T exercise, then you may pack on the pounds. It’s all in the routine you set for yourself. If you’re committed to feeling good and looking good, than this myth doesn’t apply to you. Besides, a majority of students are still growing. On average, people tend to be very active in college, so you may find yourself dropping weight versus gaining it. 

College Myth #3: You Have To Know Your Major Right Away

This is absolutely false. In fact, about 70% of students change their majors at least once while they’re attending college. Your first two years of college are generally core classes and/or pre-requisite classes you have to take prior to declaring your major.  While it’s great to have a general idea of what your interests are, you’ve got time to figure out what your strong suites are and apply them before you decide what you want to major in.

College Myth #4: You’ll Graduate in 4 Years

Fewer than 40% of students graduate within a four year period. To put it in perspective, only about one out of five students completes college in four years. Furthermore, only about two out of five students completes college in a six year time frame. Why is this, you might ask? Every college has it’s own set standards for what their expectations are in every degree program. These change annually. So, pay close attention to the year date you enroll in and how the program requirements may play a part in your college attending duration.

College Myth #5: You Get What You Pay For

This is not true. There is no direct, significant difference between lifetime earnings and a degree. Though many majors pay well ( i.e. law degrees, engineering degrees, computer science degrees, or degrees that involve getting a doctorate), the degree you choose does not mean you’re guaranteed to make a specific income.

With these five covered, I’m sure your smart self can look into any others and read between their lines. Like all myths and urban legends, misconceptions occur all the time. Sure, a few people may fall into the categories – but that doesn’t mean you will. 

Stay calm and carry on folks! As a Dorm Room Movers Author, feel free to leave your comments. 



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