Holder For Charging Cell Phone

Sick and tired of your cell phone hanging down to the ground from the outlet when it’s charging? Here is a very simple way to create a nifty cell phone wall holder made from a plastic cup. 

Find a plastic cup you don’t mind making a few modifications to. Once you have your cup you will need a pair of scissors to make your initial cuts. 

Decide which side of your cup that you would like to be the front. 

Next cut out the top front half of your cup. The cut should go about 1 1/2 inches down. 

After you have made your first cut it’s time to make the cut in the back of your cup. The charger will run through this and plug into the wall.

Scissors may be a little difficult. I recommend using a box cutter. 

Cut out a square in the back of the cup and make sure it’s big enough so that your phone charger can fit through it.  

Be sure that the cut is close to the size of your wall outlet charger. Not too small or too big.

And there you have it! Place your cell phone into the cup and plug the charger into the wall. The cup conceals cords and protects your phone from getting stomped on. 

As a Dorm Room Movers Author, feel free to leave your comments about any additional cell phone holder tips. 

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