Sharing Is Caring…

Sharing space is not easy… 

But sharing can be very caring if you go about it the right way! 

Roommates can be the best of friends or the worst of friends. Ultimately, it comes down to respecting each others privacy and learning how to give the other person their space when they need it. Like everything in life, it takes work. However, with a bit of practice, persistence and a positive attitude you’re more than likely to breeze through your first few months without a hitch.

The great thing about having roommates is the benefits that go along with having them. A big one is financial help – you can reduce your monthly expenses by sharing some of them. Below are five great ways to save on your monthly costs. Check them out…


  1. Costco Membership/Grocery Bill
  2. Netflix Membership
  3. Xbox Live
  4. Laundry Duty/Cleaning Supplies 
  5. Take Turns Being The Designated Driver Instead of cabbing it
A few other things your roomie and yourself can split costs on are summer storage or college sports season tickets. With realistic expectations and the willingness to compromise, having a roommate can be a positive and rewarding experience. Not only will it aid you financially, it can improve your communication and overall social skills dramatically. At the very least, you may just meet a life long friend along the way!

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