Cold Hard Truth About Getting Hired After College


Getting your foot in the door with a company in this economy is not easy… Especially if you have a restricted school schedule to maintain. Coupling that with your social and extracurricular activities means that your resume and/or or job experience is going to take a spot on the back burner…

You may be asking yourself, what does this even mean?

It means that while you’re shuffling between classes, school functions, or perhaps to your next keg or beer pong party, you’re losing out on precious time enhancing your work experience in the ‘real world’.

The cold hard truth is, your school won’t tell or teach you this. Unfortunately, it’s something that a majority of students find out the hard way when they begin interning or have finally graduated. You know the moment when you earn that nice little piece of shiny paper with a glittering emblem on it? It’s the official stamp telling the world that you have ‘majored’ in something and made your mark.

Whatever that ‘major’ may be, the truth of the matter is, it doesn’t really mean squat unless you’ve got the experience to back it up. Sure, some employers are looking for college students who have just graduated. But, I bet daddy and mommy or whomever won’t tell you the real reason why they’re looking for people like you is because some 55+ year old CEO or CFO had a line employee point out where they need to cut back in their budget and this term it’s with recruiting cheap labor. That, correlated with the fact that most corporate companies outsource the typical ‘graduate job’ now, means you’ve got a whole lot of competition, and the great divide is only expanding rapidly kids…

So, what can you do?

Your best option is to work part-time while you are in school. Yes, it may take a few hours of study time away, but let’s face it – if you were looking to lose those few hours of study time to begin with, you probably would have wasted them on booze or some lame T.V. show.

How can you get MOVING now?

With all that’s set up against you, we recommend checking out the local sales and/or affiliate positions. Generally, these kinds of jobs are not time restricted and you can make your own hours. Some don’t even require you to work a full set of hours as long as you’re engaging and selling their product to the people you are already engaging with on a social level anyway…

But, like all things, you need to do your research.

Things you (and your parents) may want to consider…

1. What is the salary or commission structure?

2. Does the company cover expenses (such as gas or phone reimbursement )?

3. Is the product they’re wanting you to sell legit (Do your homework)?

4. How much time will this require?

5. How long has the company been in business (When were they established)?

6. Is the company reputable (A quick yelp or Google search will help with this)?

7. Is this something you’re interested in doing?

8. What will you get out of this job (Experience examples: sales, customer service, etc.)?

9. Is this in line with your undergrad program?

10. Do the pros outweigh the cons?

At the end of the day, YOU as a future business owner or employee will benefit from the experience tremendously. And, you don’t really have anything to loose other than your time, especially at this stage in your life. So, take advantage of the local market and join the movement.

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