Going Through Withdrawals

Let’s face it – it’s costly, time consuming and if you’ve decided to attend an out of state University, it can be emotionally draining. That being said, college isn’t for everyone. The great news is, if you happen to fall into this category, it’s not the end of the world. Despite outside influence and pressures, sometimes timing is everything. If it’s not the right time in this stage of your life, it’s OK. All that aside, whether you’re considering dropping out or already have, we wanted to provide you with a few solutions that may ease your transition. 

5 Simple Tips To Follow If 
You Withdraw From College… 

#1: Why This Choice Is ‘OK!’ 

You’ve got your reasons for making this decision. And guess what, it’s OK! There’s no reason to feel like you’re a failure or going nowhere. Just because you’re withdrawing from college does not mean you aren’t going to make something of yourself. Besides, just because it’s a no for NOW, doesn’t mean it’s NO FOREVER. In any case, whatever your reasons are, college is a huge responsibility both financially, emotionally and educationally. 
As the saying goes ‘college isn’t for everybody’. You’re not a sardine… Not everyone can be molded into the same shape so you all fit into the can. The great thing about becoming an adult is that it’s YOUR choice to decide the direction you go in and how you want to approach it. So, take the bull by the horns and build your own path the best way you know how – being uniquely individual. 

# 2: Stay Busy – Keep Active! 

You’re either all packed and ready to go, on your way home or you’ve just arrived home. Whichever it is, it’s time to get active and keep busy. Staying busy is a fancy way of keeping yourself from falling into a funk. Simply put – don’t fall into the self-pity trap. Immerse yourself in activities; get a job, hang out with friends, exercise, read books. Staying busy will help you avoid the self-pity trap and keep your spirits up. Also, exercise is a great stress reducer and stimulates endorphin’s for healthy brain activity. And remember, you chose to withdraw and that’s OK! 

# 3: Additional Educational Options!

Just because you chose to withdraw from college at a university level doesn’t mean you can’t continue your education on a local community college level. The great thing about community colleges is that you can pick and choose what courses you want to take based on your interests or hobbies. Sure, there may be prerequisites for some of them (like sciences and math classes), but being able to decide what you want to take will keep you in the educational realm while simultaneously feeding your brain what you are intrinsically motivated to learn. This means more engagement, active interest and personal growth at it’s best! 
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