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It’s that time of year again – The BIG Holiday rush. Everyone gets up at the crack of dawn to move at a snail’s pace and sit or stand in extremely long lines. In an effort to help you folks out, our team came up with 5 tips so you can make the most out of your holiday shopping spree.

  • Prioritize…  What objects do you intend on buying? Who wants what? Prioritize what everyone’s holiday present wishes are so you can determine what stores you need to go to. Perhaps write their top choices out while you’re passing around the mashed potatoes and turkey.
  • Do your homework…  Don’t leave it to chance. Research the promotions that stores are currently advertising. Price out where you can buy them and for how much. You can base it off of distance from your home, price, or where each store is located in relevance to one another.
  • Bring backup…  Waiting in line by yourself is going to be boring. Try shopping in groups or with a friend so you can make the most out of the moment.
  • Power Up…  Some sales start at midnight, so if you’re up for some late night to early shopping, be sure to pack some snacks or a little extra cash in case you need an emergency coffee or tea.
  • Keep your attitude in check…  The reality is that you’re going to be in a stressful situation. Shuffling from foot to foot and waiting in long lines is not an ideal way to spend time off. Just keep in mind that you’re getting gifts for the people you love and care for – so it’s worth the hassle!

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