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Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere exotic, but found yourself with no free time to actually go anywhere? Trust me, you’re not the only one. It’s tough being a college student. Managing time can be near impossible if you have to split your minutes between your education and your social life. Forget your fretting! There is a way to combine the two so that you can enjoy your education while sightseeing and soaking up the rich culture so many countries have to offer.


Of course, there is nothing wrong with studying in a regular classroom environment, but there is no comparison between that and actually going out into the world, to places you’ve never been to before. It is when we separate ourselves from the comfort of monotone scheduled life that we truly start to see the world in a clearer light. It is entirely plausible that your experiences abroad will give you an advantage in the business world, as well as shape you forever. The best part about it is the variety you have to choose from. The possibilities are potentially endless!



Photo by: BBM Explorer offers so many different cruise ship trips; you may have trouble knowing where to begin! There are programs stationed all over the world, ranging from Greece to Spain and France. Global Learning Semester’s slogan sums it up best – they strive to offer “The world in one semester.” Every program includes time to travel and dock in country, as well as time spent within a host city. It is possible to traverse as many as 12 different countries in just one semester!


On top of all that, they offer some pretty fabulous scholarships. The Takis Chrysanthou Honored Scholar Award is one of their many scholarship opportunities.” This award is bestowed upon one student per semester. The award is presented to a student that is studying in an exchange program in Cyprus for the semester. The winner receives an award of $2,500, based on their merit and academic standing. The scholarship is mainly given to those who require financial assistance.
Another excellent provider of cruise ship study abroad programs is located at Established in 1963, this institute is non-profit. Their Shipboard Education has dispatched approximately 100 Semester at Sea cruises. The voyages are offered in over 60 countries, and can be accessed by over one thousand universities. Sponsored by the University of Virginia, this provider is all about the progression of global education for college students.
Acceptance to a program is offered so long as a student has a minimum G.P.A of 2.75 (cumulative), and admission is rolling. Semester at Sea generally provides 40% of all applicants with financial aid ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 (depending on the grant being sought). There are four voyages to choose from that provide transferable credits. These options include semester programs (Fall or Spring), which travel the globe in 108 days, summer trips, which focus on a specific region for 70 days, and short-term explorations that last for about a month. The short-term trips are mainly journeys that center around tailored themes.
Just remember that study abroad cruise ships are notably different from regular study abroad programs in that you have the luxury of traveling far and wide. Whether you set aside a semester or just the summer to study– you will soon be embarking on the trip of your life.
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