Saving Space In College Dormitories

How To Condense Clutter & Create Space

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Have you ever felt as if your room had a mind of its own? Are your knick-knacks and trinkets taking over every inch of free space in your dorm? We all have our favorite possessions that we cannot live without. For some, it’s books and CD collections. For others, it’s sentimental photos of our friends and family. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a place to put all of our possessions. You can find a way to feel at home without suffocating your space! There are many space-saving tricks just waiting to be explored.

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Condense your clutter: A fabulous way to create space in your room is to go vertical. Some dorms come furnished with a couple of cabinets and shelves for you to put your things in. Stacking these on top of each other against a wall is a great way to salvage space. That applies your desk and bookshelves as well. Stack your lightweight shelves on top of your desk to open up even more elbowroom. Plastic stackable drawers are perfect for surplus items like notebooks, textbooks, and writing utensils. These drawers are usually collapsible, which makes them easy to fit anywhere you want. Put them in your closet, or under your bed. Invest in some folding hangers for your closet to save even more space.
Board under your bed: Speaking of beds, have you thought about how much space you could conserve by simply raising your bed higher? With your mattress on a higher level, you create plenty of room to store stuff underneath your bed. Simply prop up your bedposts with concrete blocks or bed risers. You’ll be pleased with how much room there will be under your bed for unsightly items like laundry baskets or toiletries.

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Help for hoarders: Your newfound independence doesn’t give you an excuse to be a gatherer! There is a difference between having a few extra things in your dorm, and crowding your room with an accumulation of unnecessary objects. Don’t let your stuff pile up! The more you have, the more uncomfortable and closed in you will feel. If you’re going to be living in a double, saving space is twice as important. All of that junk can make a person claustrophobic! If clothing is the cause of your chaos, there is a great way to compress your mess. The amazing space bag! With these wonderful bags, you can kiss your clothing problems goodbye! These vacuum-sealed bags help organize your clothing, bedding, and whatever else you can think of in no time. The bag’s material also protects your possessions from insect infestations, water damage, and any odor your room might have.
Ship to save space: There is another way to deal with an overflow of clothing. Nip the crowding problem in the bud, and ship some of it home. During school breaks, have the clothing you no longer plan to wear sent home. For example, winter break is a great time to de-clutter your clothes for the upcoming spring semester. Many college-shipping companies can send boxes to your home at the beginning or end of each semester. By doing this, you’ll always have the wardrobe you need for school, rather than just amassing massive amounts of apparel you will never wear.
* Remember: You don’t need your most valuable belongings at school with you – it only wastes space. Packing your room to the brim with priceless possessions only increases your chances of becoming a victim of unwanted theft.

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