Ten Important Things to Take to College

So you’re getting ready to go off to college, and you’re stocking up on everything you need to make your dorm room cool and comfy. Here, we’ll remind you of some of the smaller but really important things that you need to take, but might not have thought about.
  1. Health insurance card – Be sure you’ve arranged for insurance either with your family insurance policy or student insurance from your school.
  2. Credit cards– If you have several, pick two and leave the rest at home. Leave a list of card numbers and their customer service numbers at home, in case your cards get lost and you need to report and replace them. If you still use checks, bring a sufficient supply of them too.
  3. Medications – Be sure to get a seal of approval from your doc before you go, and get refills on any prescriptions, an extra pair of glasses, contact lenses, vitamins, etc.
  4. Paperwork – Bring your dorm assignment, financial aid award papers, class schedule. Also, even if you’re not going to have a car, bring your driver’s license and social security card. You need them for ID to fly or get a job.
  5. Sports equipment –Bring your favorite tennis racquet, baseball glove or frisbee. You’ll be thankful when you dodge that notorious “freshman 15”. Leave the free weights at home though, and use the campus rec center.
  6. A favorite food – Bring a small supply of your favorite something that may be hard to find on the other side of the country. If you run out of your beloved Poblano’s hot sauce in New Hampshire, you may be able to find it on amazon.com.
  7. Special photos – You’ll feel closer to home with some special photos of family and friends around your room.
  8. Fun stuff – For those rare occasions when your brain is fried and you just can’t study any more, bring your X-box, a favorite board game or a good deck of cards.
  9. Tools – A couple of simple tools like a hammer, screwdriver, and pliers will be very helpful in setting things up in your dorm room.
  10. Miscellaneous – Ear plugs, shower flip flops, duct tape, first aid kit, over-the-door hanging hooks, camera, bed risers (to give you some extra storage space under the bed).
OK, so that’s a few more than 10 things, but they might make the move into the dorms a little more comfortable. 
The docs, meds and financial stuff should be brought with you in your carry-on baggage, to avoid any risk of them not getting to school when you need them.
  • But how about the rest of your stuff?
  • How is it getting to school? 
  • Are you driving a truck across country (Hmmm… time, gas, …)? 
  • Bringing it with you on the plane (excess baggage fees, shlep…)?
A really SIMPLE and SAFE solution is to ship your stuff straight from home to school. Dorm Room Movers can do that for you, totally hassle-free! Imagine: You send your stuff right from home and it gets delivered straight to your dorm room! No fuss, no muss!
Have a great year at college!
Feel free to post comments about things you’ve taken to college or suggest to take to college.

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