College Move-In Checklist

Summer vacation has just begun, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about your upcoming move to college to prevent that last minute panic. 

Let’s start with a little planning:
  • Get Comfortable – You’re going to want to make your new dorm room feel like home. Before you pick up all of the essentials, be sure to contact your future roommate(s) to coordinate which items you each will bring along. You may not all need to bring a 55” TV.
  • Don’t forget the necessities -Along with the TV & Xbox, you’ll need to bring towels and sheets. Some dorm beds are longer and narrower than regular twin beds. Before you purchase, check with your college what size beds are in your dorm. Now that you have the sheets, a laundry hamper / bag to schlep to the Laundromat may also come in handy. Also, a drying rack for your room may be a good investment, to avoid the lines for a dryer. Saves a bunch of quarters too.
  • Pack the right clothes – The clothes you bring should be climate- appropriate. You may not need to bring 3 down parkas if you’re coming out to Arizona for school. Leave at least two behind and bring more shorts instead.
  • Get the right gear – In order to power all of your gadgets you’ll probably need a few extra surge protectors and extension cords. It seems that no matter how many you have, they’re never enough. Also don’t forget a lock for your laptop to make sure it stays yours.
  • Thought for food – Though you might not be eating all your meals in the room, a dorm-size microwave is perfect for that warm cup of soup when its cold outside. A coffee pot and toaster oven are also useful but some dorms have restrictions so check with your college. Also, coordinate these things with your roommate(s) so you don’t double up. And no need to ship ramen noodles from home – they’re readily available at a market near school.
Now that you’ve figured out WHAT to bring, it’s time to figure out HOW you’re going to get it there. You could drive across country in a rental truck, with gas at around $4 a gallon, hotels, and restaurants. Or you could drag it all to the airport and pay those wonderful baggage fees to bring it all with you on the plane. But then you have to figure out how to get it to the dorm from the airport when you get there.  

If you’d rather save the hassle, a really SIMPLE solution is to ship it all straight from home to school, Dorm Room Movers can help!

Feel free to post comments about your move in experience. 


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